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Hounds on Holiday!

Home from home for your per while you're away.

About Your Pets Stay

What you can expect from us

  • We will discuss your pets needs and requirements prior to their stay and keep to their usual routine.
  • Your pet will exercised at least twice daily.
  • Your pet/pets may be cared for with other clients or if there is an overlap but agreement will be previously reached with all parties. We aim to only cater for no more than 2/4 pets at any one time.
  • Most importantly we will love and care for your pet as we would for our own.

What we expect from you

  • You provide the food, treats, bedding and a favourite toy for the duration of their stay to ensure they have the familiarity of their own things around them. Their brushes and shampoo too please!
  • Your pets vaccinations are up to date and they are treated for worms and fleas before their stay and you discuss any behavioural problems you are aware of with us.
  • You provide your vets details and authorisation for us to have your pet treated in case of illness or emergency, details of pet insurance if held and agreement to reimbursement of any costs we may incur if your pet needs to be treated by a vet. Your pet will be taken to the vets at our discretion and invoices will always be obtained. For minor ailments/injurys your pet will be treated and we will inform you on your return. In the case of an emergency/serious illness your pet will be taken to the vets and we will contact you to advise you of the situation.
  • You deliver and collect your pet at the agreed times. Collection must be no later than 7pm
  • That you enjoy your holiday knowing your pet is in safe hands.